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WeatherBlur – what’s the flow?

WeatherBlur is an amazing student-driven citizen science program that you can have your students involved in that allows you to have them: Develop meaning full scientific questions Develop computational thinking skills – breaking down problems and developing solutions Be involved in online scientific discussions with peers and experts Collect and analyze real data Turn their

iWonder how to make the most of iWonder

In a previous blog-post, Gary brought up the importance of the iWonder space. He reminded me that iWonder – the idea of having students come up with the inquiry – invites students and teachers into a part of the scientific process that isn’t possible in other citizen science projects. Rather than immersing students into science

The power of iWonder

I know how much we are drawn to have our students collect data – the fun of having them outside, using equipment, recording information is just so strong that many of us just want to get to that phase of WeatherBlur as quickly as possible.  We want our students at ACT like a scientist. But

iWonder and Abstraction…what’s it all about?

Hi All! A few of us are dabbling in computational thinking and the role it plays in citizen science. One concept in CT is abstraction. Abstraction is, essentially, the idea of getting rid of the information/data we don’t need, in order to generalize solutions. WB teachers that are working on the TAG team practiced abstracting

My students are locked out? What is happening?

Ouch!   Your students are getting a message that they have been locked out of the site (and some reference to a 503 error).  It looks something like this: What’s this all about? The WeatherBlur team is really serious about protecting the security of data and peoples information on the site.  To make sure that


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