what’s the population going to be in florada Miami from 2020 October to 2020 December

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MMSA Admin
oldcrow (@oldcrow)
6 days ago

I’m thinking about how you might measure this. Do you mean what is going to be the change in population? Why are you wondering this? I bet there’s more to this wonder…

Starfish (@starfish)
12 days ago

That was a really smart question. Good job August.

KeepOurAirClean (@keepourairclean)
13 days ago

Thanks for the question  Sailfish. I think you’ve asked a specific question (you’ve asked what is the population going to be in Miami, Florida from October 2020 to December 2020). I’m curious as to what interests you about Miami’s population. From a relevant/timely perspective, how is this important to your community? What impact will the answer to this question have?

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Keep digging 🙂