what is plastic made out of

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pmatrai (@pmatrai)
8 days ago

Mmmm, could you separate plastics around you already by how they look and feel?
We have many different types of plastics, some of which make lots of good things for life, such as my glasses so I can read, which are very different from my computer. And yet, they are made of the same chemical elements.

Vortex (@vortex)
16 days ago

Good question! Just looking around my desk, I see plastic everywhere. Even my keyboard might be plastic. How can we find out? Anyone have ideas?

MMSA Admin
oldcrow (@oldcrow)
16 days ago
Reply to  Vortex

A great place to start – might be here. BUT – I wonder, why are you asking? I bet there you have some interesting questions about plastic. What is it about plastic that interests or concerns you?