Mickie Flores

We are wondering if we see more birds on a cloudy day than on a sunny day. First, we have to figure out how to measure cloudiness though. Can you help us?

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KeepOurAirClean (@keepourairclean)
23 hours ago

So where are you observing the birds (as they land in trees, as they fly across the sky, as they stop to feed at your bird feeder)?

Also, typically, the daily weather forecast for your area will identify if the day is most cloudy, partly cloudy, clear, most sunny, etc. You can find the forecast from your local news station weather website, weather.com, accuweather.com, wunderground.com, etc.

MMSA Admin
oldcrow (@oldcrow)
3 hours ago
Reply to  Mickie Flores

This is a really good question. It would seem you would have to really limit your time of observation. Have you thought about the role the bird-feeder might play? Maybe birds are active, regardless of weather, at a guaranteed location of food..how would we control for that variable?

gold (@gold)
1 day ago

Good question. Cloud coverage is measured in 8ths and you just seperate the sky in 8ths like a pizza pie and then see how many 8ths the clouds are covering. I good way to practice is using pieces of paper as clouds and place them all over a plate seperated into 8ths to see how much cloud coverage there could be.

mcurtis (@mcurtis)
6 hours ago
Reply to  gold

You could also measure the incoming solar radiation. There are sensors to do this. So overcast with thin clouds would have more solar radiation than overcast with thick clouds.

MMSA Admin
MoonSnail (@moonsnail)
2 days ago

Excellent question! Here’s a short video on how to measure cloud percent coverage, from a naturalist from Maumee Bay State Park in Ohio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAu414xaNxE

Starfish (@starfish)
5 days ago

That is a good question.

Stingray (@stingray)
5 days ago