I wonder how much seafood does an island in Maine catch each year?

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pmatrai (@pmatrai)
8 days ago

maradium, once you think of answers to the questions already posed, data can be found from the Maine Department of Marine Resources that can help answer a more defined question; and for many years

Vortex (@vortex)
12 days ago

Are you thinking about seafood that is grown or harvested from the shores of the island or does it include fishing by boat in water nearby?

NCEvergreen (@fluorine)
21 days ago

This is an interesting question! Do you have a specific type of seafood in mind? Some people may have different ideas of what seafood is so it might be difficult to measure this as written, but you are on the right track! Also, is there a specific island you are interested in studying for this topic? The idea of studying this over the course of one year provides a helpful timeframe.

Last edited 21 days ago by NCEvergreen