I wonder how much plastic is thrown in the Atlantic Ocean daily?

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Vortex (@vortex)
2 days ago

 mlradium, looking for facts about ocean plastic I came across a United Nations video about ocean birds eating plastic. The amount of plastic entering the World Ocean is mentioned. In the video, scientists study dead birds to see what plastic they have in their stomachs. CAUTION – this video has a bird dissection. Skip the part from 2:55 to 4:08 to avoid the surgery and see the way they tally the plastic. End at 4:57 to avoid more plastic stomach contents. https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/blog/2019/02/plastic-ocean/

Interestingly, my Google search turned up your WeatherBlur question as #6.

pmatrai (@pmatrai)
8 days ago

mlradium, this is a big question. Might you choose a smaller section of the Atlantic Ocean? Even smaller than the Gulf of Maine or Gulf of Mexico.