I wonder how many microplastics are airborne.

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esparks (@esparks)
4 days ago

You can test that be setting a petri dish (lid off) out on a table for a day followed by counting the number of microplastics that settle on it under a microscope.

pmatrai (@pmatrai)
12 days ago

Hi tmradium, maybe you can collaborate with shark who has a similar question for indoor air and with the person who would like to find a mesh to sample aerosols for outdoor air. Do you think it will be easier to sample aerosols when the air is dry or more humid?

MMSA Admin
Geoaware (@glewis)
25 days ago

What an interesting question! What way could you trap particles in the air?

Shark (@shark)
23 days ago
Reply to  Geoaware

You could trap them by a peace of paper with holes in it and put clear tape over the holes and put it some were air can get to it for a amount of time.

MMSA Admin
oldcrow (@oldcrow)
19 days ago
Reply to  Shark

I found this National Geographic Article about microplastics in air that might be helpful. It pointed out that over half of the microplastics they collected were smaller than the human eye could see – but could be seen under a microscope. They mentioned a “collection” device. I wonder if you could reach out to the authors or scientists to find out more about how they did it?