What are data literate students able to do?

What do data literate students need? What do we need to be data literate? It has become more and more evident that the general population is inundated with data every day. In order to help our students, and ourselves, understand the information and be able to interpret claims with a critical eye, we need to become fluent in the language of data. Whether you are a spreadsheet superstar or need a little help with your histograms, it’s worth taking a look at the self-paced, learning module on tuva.com. This module is broken down into three sections:

  1. Data literacy in science learning.
  2. Review of basic data skills.
  3. Thinking and language in data skills.

“The first module sets the stage for how data fits into science and other disciplines. The sequence of lessons in the second module models a strategy that may be useful for scaffolding students in core concepts and skills so that they learn to reason about data statistically, scientifically, and holistically. The third module reviews ways to help students talk and reason about data.” – Tuva