Investigation: Air Quality

Is air quality different depending on your location? We will be collecting air quality data using sensors to see if there are differences between inside and outside locations at our school and will also compare inside and outside readings from other schools in Maine, Alabama and Mississippi.

Instructions / How to do this investigation

Air Quality Protocol

  1. Setup the Sper Scientific Particle Meter air quality sensors at your school (x2).
    • Setup your first sensor outside by your school’s bus circle (where students are dropped off/picked up by school buses). This sensor can not stay outside overnight, so the teacher will have to setup this sensor every morning and bring inside to charge every night. If it is raining/snowing, make sure the sensor does not get wet.
    • Setup the second sensor in your school’s library. Make sure this the sensor is placed in a safe location, close to an outlet so the sensor can stayed plugged in.
  2. Find a time in the school day to take readings from the two air quality sensors for one full school week (Monday – Friday). Ideally, this time will be the same each day.
  3. Record your readings using the investigation form on the WeatherBlur website.
  4. After one full week of recording data, package and ship the sensors to the next school on the list. Teachers will work with WeatherBlur staff before and after the shipping process.
  5. After all schools have completed the investigation, download the data sheet and start data analysis. What did you find? Do you see any patterns in the data? Can you draw any conclusions from the data?

Here is the Air Quality Reference Guide created by WB scientist, Steven McLeod.

Sper Scientific Particle Meter air quality sensor Instruction Manual 


Tell us how your data collection/analysis is going

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