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Solar Car Energy

  • 2 months ago

Materials: Solar car 8 x1x1 Wood board or plank Timer Data recording sheet Level Handheld solar measurement tool   Plan: Identify 2-5 locations on the school campus that have a source of solar energy (i.e.…

Solar Energy

  • 1 Comment
  • 5 months ago

Find a good location by your school to set up your Solar Panel. Make sure it is somewhere that gets sun most of the day and isn’t blocked by anything (i.e. trees, buildings). Put it…

Ticks and Japanese Barberry

  • 2 months ago

PROTOCOL Materials: Tyvek Suits Diaper Flannel Clothesline cord Tree Flagging Small vials for tick collection filled with ethanol or rubbing alcohol Forceps/tweezers  PVC pipe – cut to 1m Duct tape/clips White socks Paper/pencil for data…

Vernal Pool Biotic Inventory

  • 2 months ago

Question: What are the dominant organisms found in the three Woodside vernal pools in the winter month of March and spring month of April?  Materials: Ice cube trays Bucket Small bottle for water samples Plastic…

Past investigations...

Data collected in investigations on our past WeatherBlur platform is not lost.  You can download the raw datasets below.  They are CSV files which can be read by any spreadsheet program.