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Beach Trash

  • 11 months ago

Protocol Advanced Preparation: Plan to collect trash one day a week for 6 weeks (weather and tide dependent).   Plan to collect within 10m of the high tide line (either side of the high tide line…

Bird Counts

  • 5 days ago

Protocol: 1. Find a good location by your school to setup a bird feeding station. 2. Feed birds the same thing everyday (i.e. black oil sunflower seeds). 3. Count bird activity for three minutes at…

King Tides

  • 1 Comment
  • 11 months ago

Measuring the local King Tide. Please always keep your and your students safety in mind when being involved in this project.  Do not go into places that water has covered or surf/swell is making it…

Microplastics in our drinking water

  • 3 months ago

Microplastics Sample Collection Protocol Home Water Collection Each student take home 2 mason jars. Each mason jar will be labelled with their address, city or well water, type of plumbing (Pex, copper, PVC, etc.), whether…

Microplastics in our local ocean waters

  • 11 months ago

Advanced Preparation Choose at least one beach location from which you will collect a water sample. Be sure to record the tide levels, precipitation types, and both wind speed and direction, for the 24 hour…

Microplastics in soft-shelled clams

  • 2 weeks ago

Advanced Preparation Choose at least one beach location from which you will collect clam specimens. It is very easy to contaminate a sample during collection with plastics from the environment. Do your best under your…

Our Weather

  • 11 months ago

OUR WEATHER STATION READINGS  In this section you can record the weather variations at your location. Just enter the observations from your weather station at the same time every day. All our measurements are in…

Past investigations...

Data collected in investigations on our past WeatherBlur platform is not lost.  You can download the raw datasets below.  They are CSV files which can be read by any spreadsheet program.