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Observation created by neil at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School on 4/15/2020

In Investigation: Microplastics in our local ocean waters

Time & Place

Time4:48 pm

Field Collection Data

Beach NamePortland Beach
Nearest TownPortland
Direction Beach FacesNortheast
Photo of Collection Site
Photo CaptionRandom Cat
How did you collect your water sample?Tow Net
# of gallons of water collected1
Tide Level2
Precipitation types observed3
Wind Speed (km/h)4
Wind directionNorth
Water temperature (Celsius)5
Field NotesField note, yo!

Qualitative Data

Sample's labelAnother label
Are micro plastic FIBERS present?Yes
List colors of micro plastic FIBERS observedTest Test 1
Are micro plastic PELLETS OR FRAGMENTS present?No
List colors of micro plastic PELLETS/FRAGMENTS observedTest Test 2
NotesTest Test 3

Type & Color Only

Sample labelTest Test 4
Total # of microplastic FIBERS found5
Total # of microplastic PELLETS/FRAGMENTS found6
Total # of BLUE microplastics found7
Total # of RED microplastics found8
Total # of GREEN microplastics found9
Total # of BLACK microplastics found10
Total # of WHITE/TRANSPARENT microplastics found11
Total # of OTHER COLOR microplastics found12
NotesTest Test Test Test Test Test Test Test

Color, Shape & Size

Sample labelTest Test 11
Microplastic #1 - ColorRed
Microplastic #1 - ShapeRound
Microplastic #1- Size1
Microplastic #2 - ColorBlue
Microplastic #2 - ShapeAngular
Microplastic #2 - Size2
Microplastic #3 - ColorGreen
Microplastic #3 - ShapeOther
Microplastic #3 - Size5
Microplastic #4 - ColorWhite/Transparent
Microplastic #4 - ShapeFiber
Microplastic #4 - Size6

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