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Data Observation

Observation created by Radium at Singing River Academy on 3/10/2021

In Investigation: Microplastics in our local ocean waters

Time & Place

LocationSinging River Academy
Time12:00 pm

Field Collection Data

Beach NameSchool campus-Due to field trip restrictions
How did you collect your water sample?Container (detail in field notes)
# of gallons of water collected0.25
Field NotesI collected a pint of my well water from my home in Vancleave, MS.

Qualitative Data

Sample's labelWilson's samples from school campus-due to COVID 19, no beach trips
Are micro plastic FIBERS present?Yes
List colors of micro plastic FIBERS observeddark blue, red, and black
Are micro plastic PELLETS OR FRAGMENTS present?No

Type & Color Only

Sample label16517 Lake Drive E 39565
Total # of microplastic FIBERS found2
Total # of BLUE microplastics found1
Total # of RED microplastics found1

Color, Shape & Size

Microplastic #1 - ColorRed
Microplastic #1 - ShapeRound
Microplastic #1- Size1
Microplastic #2 - ColorRed
Microplastic #2 - ShapeRound
Microplastic #2 - Size1

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