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  • 11/18/2020 - Comments: To help make your question "SMART" you might want to think about one impact of climate change in your area that you can see or measure. Maybe it's the tides (if you're right on the water), or maybe it's the date of the first "leaf-out" in the spring..OR, if you live by a lake in the north, the date of the "ice-out" from your lake - compared to seasonal averages. If you can zero in on one aspect of climate change that YOU can measure, then you can find ways to investigate how that change is impacting your community (maybe interviews, etc.). Good luck!

  • 11/18/2020 - Comments: WHY we need to smell is a pretty interesting question. One of the impacts of COVID has been a loss of taste and smell..which doesn't seem like such a big deal (and maybe an advantage if you're a teacher in a middle school..), BUT - our senses play a very important role in our evolution as a species. I am intrigued by your question. Why are you wondering? What were you thinking about? Is there a question that we could investigate here? Right under our noses?! :)

  • 11/18/2020 - Comments: There has been some data about the role of air quality and the severity of covid infections. you can watch a quick explanation from the World Health Organization (WHO) here. There are several questions on WB about air quality - I wonder if there is a way to combine air quality measurements at your school with available data from your state CDC about COVID severity in your area? Could be super interesting!

  • 11/18/2020 - Comments: What other data might you need? Do you think age is important? Do you think our body temperature is impacted by the air temperature at all? How about gender?


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9/25/2020 I wonder why I seem to see so many more birds on cloudy days then on sunny days? EDIT