The data is here! The data is here!

To say that the Weatherblur Team was excited this week is a bit of an understatement. While you are busy running classrooms, monitoring masks, taking temperatures, and whatever else this new world of education has added to your job descriptions, the WB team anxiously awaits data from your investigations to roll in. We were delighted that Mickie and her students from Deer Isle were able to upload their first round of Bird Counts data and we, in turn, were able to take our maiden voyage of uploading to Tuva and starting to play.

Whether you are counting birds, curious about Tuva, or just bored (does that happen anymore?) – check it out!

To find the Bird Counts data on Tuva, head over to From this landing page, click on Datasets – which will take you to all of our WB data from select past investigations AND to the newest data on Bird Counts. If you click on Bird Counts – you will get a screen like this:

From here – it’s time to play! In fact, we’d love for you to play and share with us some of your biggest a-ha’s as well as your biggest hurdles. A few lessons we’ve learned:

  • Knowing dependent and independent variables are CRITICAL..and knowing why one lives on the x-axis in dot plots and one lives on the y-axis is also critical. 
    • In short..the thing you “mess with” lives on the x-axis…the outcome (dependent) lives on the y-axis.
  • Asking yourself a question about the “attributes” and how they are related BEFORE dragging and dropping seems important as well. For example, when we look at the attributes, we wonder if the number of bird counts DEPENDS on cloud cover? Solar radiation? Temperature? 
    • So if bird counts DEPENDS on cloud cover..then drag bird counts to the y-axis (it’s the outcome..the thing you are counting that depends on the thing you are messing with) and the thing you are messing with (cloud cover) goes on the x-axis.
  • Got it all wrong? Tuva has a teeny, tiny, reset button. We used it..A LOT.


Happy Analyzing!

Rhonda Tate
4 February 2021

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