iWonder how to make the most of iWonder

In a previous blog-post, Gary brought up the importance of the iWonder space. He reminded me that iWonder – the idea of having students come up with the inquiry – invites students and teachers into a part of the scientific process that isn’t possible in other citizen science projects. Rather than immersing students into science by contributing to the data collection phase, we are bringing participants into the most exciting (and maybe messiest) part – the inquiry!


In full transparency, I should admit that in my own classroom, we sometimes glossed over the iWonder space. Some years I had an investigation in mind right from the beginning and used some of my ninja teacher moves to plant those seeds in the students’ minds (I should patent those moves!), and some years the students did engage in that work but it was just easier to do offline. Now that I’m looking at WB from under the hood, I see the huge opportunity of iWonder and the process of making a question “SMART” – and the process of engaging with students from around the country as they struggle through the same process. The trick is supporting classrooms to really use this space. 

This is where YOU come in. Over the next month I am going to be drafting some lesson sequences that would create a road map connecting the following, “rough”, ideas:

  1. iWonder how to wonder?
  2. iWonder how to funnel wonder to investigatable questions.
  3. iWonder how to make an investigable question S.M.A.R.T?

Now – the WB team has had lots of different resources over the past years (remember the investigable question relay? Anyone at the Arboretum in Augusta with me when Ruth had us running?!). BUT – I’m not sure we’ve landed on the best suite of support. I’m going to be noodling around in this world for a while and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from you. Do you do anything brilliant in your classroom to get to questions 1, 2, or 3? Did you try something and have it fail miserably? That information helps (sometimes the most!). So – let’s hear it.

How do you do iWonder?!


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