Adding students

It is very important that you follow these steps to add your students to WeatherBlur.

Step 1.

Invite parents/guardians of your students to complete the online permission forms for WeatherBlur.  They need to fill out their students details online and sign online.  The link to the form is:

You can include this link in a letter you send home.

A draft of that letter home could be :

Dear Parent/guardian,

Your student has been invited to participate in a citizen science program called WeatherBlur that is run by the Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance (MMSA).  This program involves your student collecting scientific data and adding it an online site as well as commenting on others work.

For your student to participate, we need you to complete an online form that provides your permission for them to participate.  Please visit this site and complete both sections:

If you require a paper form, please ask your student to tell me and I will send one home for you to complete.

Thank you

If you need a paper version of the form, you can download this one, then copy and hand to students.

If you need a paper version in SPANISH, you can download this one then copy and hand to students.

Step 2

MMSA staff will provide you with a list of your students for whom we have received a signed online form from parents.

If you receive any paper forms, you need to scan them and email those to the WeatherBlur team:

Please follow up with any student that does not have a completed form either online or in paper.   Once you have a complete list, you can move onto Step 3.

If any student does not have a completed form they may participate in WeatherBlur but NOT in the online space.  Any photo/video/audio of those students can also not be included in any WeatherBlur materials or presentations.

Step 3

Download the comma-separated-value (CSV) file here that you use as a template to add your student list.  You can open this with any spreadsheet program.  You can also find this on the Teacher Dashboard.

You will see that the form already has a fake student shown at the top.  You can delete that person, then add your students’ list – full name, username (remember NOT to use their real name here), and password.

Please note the following (to make sure your file upload is as smooth as possible)

  1. You CAN open the file using any spreadsheet – BUT you must save it as a CSV file format at the end to upload it.   The system can’t read an excel, numbers, or sheets file format …only CSV files.
  2. You can’t change the names of the columns – please leave them EXACTLY as they are on the file you download.
  3. Do NOT put a comma between first and last names – or anywhere else in the file.  We will save this as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file…so if you add commas, it messes up the file.
  4. Save this file as a CSV file – your spreadsheet program will allow you to do this.   Go to ‘save as’ and select the CSV file option.  You can name the file anything you like…but it has to be in this format.
Step 4

On the Teacher Dashboard in the Upload “Add new student accounts’ section, click on CHOOSE FILE and select your student details CSV file.

Then click  SUBMIT

And you are done!

If you get new students, you just follow these same steps to add them to your class.