What makes an iWonder become an Investigation?

Not all iWonder questions are made equal.

Not all iWonder questions will make it to Investigations.

Some iWonder questions will be combined into an Investigation.


So how does it work?

The MMSA team keeps their eyes on the developing iWonder questions and checks for those questions that have lots of upvotes and/or have lots of SMART votes (those votes against each SMART category).  They also look for for thise iWonder questions that could have multiple schools collecting data for the same investigation.  But most of all, they are looking for projects that would have students following solid protocols to collect data and a strong focus on solving a relevant problem.

Those iWonder questions that meet all those critera will be conversted into Investigations.  In doing so, an MMSA team member may reach out to you to get help to futher develop the scientific protocol (instructions) that we need to develop for running the investigation.  Once we have all that information, the investigation will be created and will be live for you to collect data, use data, make comments and so on.

Oftern there are multiple questions related to the final investigation – and that is totally fine.  We will try and make sure that the investigation is linked back to the original question.

We also sometimes have some ‘generic’ investigations that are set up to allow lower grade students participate in collecting data – such as weather observations etc.

What does not work?

We normally do not set up an Investigation that is already part of some other programs citizen science program – and ask that you just use that programs system to collect data.

We also rarely set up an investigation that has not gone through the rigorous iWonder process of input and comments.  If your class is really excited about an iWonder question, please get them to comment, vote and make that question really stand out.

You can always reach out…

…if you have questions about your classes iWonder questions becoming investigations.  Join one of our regular zoom meetings, or contact an MMSA team member.