How to take great photos to add to WeatherBlur

When you are collecting data for WeatherBlur Investigations, you may be asked to take a photo.   Taking AWESOME photos sometimes is more than just interesting subject matter.   Follow these simple steps to help you get the very best images you can out of your iPad or iPhone.

 Always take images and video in Landscape mode.

Turn your iPad/iPhone so you’re are taking the images and video like this:

You can always edit and crop images to make them fit a square shape or even a portrait format (up and down).

Turn on the grid function.

Go to Settings – Photos & Camera and tap the button next to Grid.

This will now place a grid of lines onto your screen to help you line up objects using the ‘Rule of Thirds’ photographic grid.   This is what professional photographers use to make their pictures interesting – they use the grid to place people, objects, horizons etc when they are ‘composing’ their photos or videos.

Now, when you take a photo or video,  try and line up faces and objects where the lines cross or put the horizon on a horizontal line.   Your results will be so much better than having your ‘subject’ always in the middle or the horizon always half-way across the screen.

Turn on HDR

You can select High Dynamic Range mode by clicking the HDR icon above the shutter button.   This is a special feature that takes three quick photos and combines them to make one amazing photo.  You will see all three original images and the combined image in your Photos.


The downside of this is that to get one great photo, you take up the space of four in your iPads memory.

Tap to focus and slide to change the brightness

Tap on the screen the object that you want to be in focus.  The device then does autofocus to that object.  You can select any object on the screen…not just what is in the center!

The device selects the brightness of the image based on the object you want it to focus on.  Sometimes that makes the image too bright or too dark.  Next to the focus box is a slider that allows you to adjust the brightness manually.


Pinch to zoom

To zoom in on an object, just pinch the screen.   However, know that the image/video will not be as sharp if you zoom in all the way.